EDI - Wellbeing of Women

15 Mar 2023

Equality Diversity & Inclusion Campaign

In conversation with Wellbeing of Women

Tell us a little about your organisation.

Wellbeing of Women is the health charity that saves and changes the lives of women, girls and babies through research, education, and advocacy. We believe no person’s life should be limited by their reproductive and gynaecological health. We want to see a society where women and girls are able to make informed choices on their healthcare throughout their lives.

What are your objectives for 2023?

Having launched two successful campaigns focussing on menopause – the Menopause Workplace Pledge and Let’s #Chat Menopause – we will continue to build our campaigning and turn our attention to reducing stigma and taboo associated with periods. Our 2023 campaign will aim to improve awareness and knowledge of periods and what is normal, covering conditions such as adenomyosis, endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS and heavy bleeding. Keep an eye out for the campaign launch and supporting activities later this year!

Give us an insight into your core values.

At Wellbeing of Women, we are led by women’s voices. We believe it is vital that women and girls are listened to and that health care services are wrapped around the needs and priorities of women. We strive for excellence in all that we do and have a rigorous peer-review process through which we fund research to ensure we fund the highest quality research projects.

We are focusing on EDI let us know how you are approaching this / how your company encompasses equality, diversity, and inclusion.

EDI is an important part of our work, both within the team, and in terms of our audience and the people we are working to support. In our research programme, we have several projects that focus specifically on improving health outcomes of women from seldom heard communities and when we launched our new website, we put accessibility at the heart of our design choices. We’re now working on how we can ensure that content, for example our expert-led health and wellbeing webinars are accessible for everyone. If we can reduce the barriers to accessing information and ensure that everyone is properly represented at all stages of our work, be it research, education, or advocacy, we have the best chance of truly improving the health and wellbeing of all women, girls and babies.

Laura Neale - Head of Partnerships and Community Fundraising

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