Forging Links: Where did it all begin?

02 Mar 2021

This month, we celebrate International Women’s Day. We are proud to have a female Director, Penny Fitzpatrick, who will start the campaign with a little insight from her and the formation of Forging Links.

'Having been in the business for more years than I care to remember (or reveal) and navigating an architectural business through various stages of changes I reached out (with others) to women in the industry to look at forming a new networking and discussion group. A group of us (contractors, RPs, affordable housing experts, engineers, lawyers and other consultants) were struck by the need to have a smaller, female focused, down to earth and approachable group.

We felt the need to have a small group that regularly met (was fluid and invited new people too) and felt relaxed enough to chat and raise questions about the industry. It is male dominated and we feel there are occasions when its therefore hard to hear the female voice and difficult to ask questions, especially when you are new to the business.

We formed Forging Links a year ago, we try to have 20 women from all the different disciplines, and we meet every other month or thereabouts. Our aim was to openly share resources, experiences and advice in a genuinely relaxed atmosphere. As founding members and a major partner Fuse have aligned themselves with Forging Links to focus on equality and the development of women. The Forging Links group have continued to meet virtually in lockdown and have found it uplifting to chat and compare notes in these challenging times. Do feel free to reach out if you fancy joining us.

Over the next few weeks, we will bring you a focus on one of our group and their journey into and through the built environment and any advice they can share.‘

Penny Fitzpatrick